Mexican Auto Insurance – Protect Yourself on Your Vacation

Mexican Auto Insurance – Protect Yourself on Your Vacation

Planning for a vacation to another country takes so much time and effort that some people might consider giving up on the vacation before they even start their adventure! But luckily, they usually reconsider and end up still taking that much-needed trip. If this trip happens to include driving to the beautiful country of Mexico. There is something else you need to consider besides the hotel and the food; Mexican auto insurance.

It is true that driving in an unfamiliar country is difficult, but it also can make for a more memorable vacation. To keep things from being more difficult than they need to be. Protect yourself in case anything goes wrong by looking into appropriate insurance.

Be aware that the policy you have in your country might not cover you when you are in Mexico!

Because your insurance should be one of the biggest and most important decisions you make when planning your vacation. It should be given a lot of consideration. This is often not the case because many tourists see it as an afterthought.

We will now cover the basics for you so you understand why it is important to purchase. Mexican auto insurance for travelers and what other tips you should be aware of.

Mexican Auto Insurance Cover

It goes without saying that if you would like to get the best coverage at the best price. You need to take a little time looking into it. The first thing to know is how much of an advantage you can get when you purchase your insurance over the Internet. You often will find great rates this way, and it also is more convenient and time-saving than calling. It is also a way of avoiding the frustration of recorded information that never seems to answer your questions.

One thing you should look for when getting Mexican auto insurance when you are traveling into the country for a vacation or for business is the deductible. You want a policy that has a fixed deductible. This means that you will get a set rate regardless of what the value of the vehicle you are driving is worth.

If you cannot find this, your best alternative option is to go with a company that at least lists the deductibles. You should not sign up for insurance without knowing what the deductible would be.

Included in most Mexican auto insurance policies for travelers are liability, medical, and road assistance. The liability aspect will cover damages that you cause to a third party’s vehicle. The medical on the other hand will cover any medical expenses you or your passengers incur. The roadside assistance typically is minimal; however, you usually can pay an additional fee for complete assistance. Remember, your current health insurance probably will not cover any medical fees you incur while in Mexico. Get a provision for legal assistance and bond services just to be safe as Mexico’s laws are quite different than what you are used to.

All of these policies help because, of course, you will be unfamiliar with the country. Don’t forget; if you would like your policy to cover theft or vandalism. You typically have to pay an additional fee because that is usually not included in Mexico.

Tips While Driving In Mexico

  • Driving conditions in Mexico are not the same as what you see every day in the USA or in Canada. Things tend to be more dangerous due to the behavior of other drivers and rougher road conditions. The majority of deadly accidents in Mexico occur at night, so avoid driving at that time if possible.
  • It is best to have your Mexican auto insurance ahead of time and to carry proof of insurance. You can drive up to 25 miles past the border to obtain insurance. But we don’t recommend waiting until that point. If there is a situation involving your car and you do not have Mexican car insurance. Sometimes people can end up in jail while authorities investigate.
    Other documents that you should have on your are proof of car ownership and an ID card.
  • You will want to stay on toll roads (versus free roads) whenever possible in Mexico as they provide a safer and faster way of traveling. As in the United States, you will have to pay a fee.
  • Remember that if you do get into an accident while in Mexico. Most Mexican Auto Insurance policies require you to file a claim immediately. Do not wait until you leave Mexico or you might not be covered.