Non-Medical Term Life Insurance: How to Buy Instant Issue Coverage Without an Agent

Non-Medical Term Life Insurance: How to Buy Instant Issue Coverage Without an Agent

What exactly is Instant Issue Term Life Insurance?

Instant Issue Term Life Insurance is a convenient term life insurance policy for those who prefer to avoid dealing with scheduling. Agent appointments or feel like they are actually selling the policy with more bells and whistles than they need. The entire cycle can be begun by responding to some basic wellbeing questions and presenting an online application through an organization or transporter online stage that permits the client to research, compare and purchase the policy immediately, even without talking to the agent. No medical examinations (blood and urine samples) are usually required to implement the policy. This simple feature is not fun to be fast and painless and allows the family member to get some basic forms of insurance coverage to cover against basic loss or illness.

The convenience of an instant issue term life policy is not without a small grip. Coverage levels are usually only between $ 100,000 and $ 500,000 and in some cases have a slightly more expensive monthly premium. The insurance company is thus able to underwrite the consumer on a low face amount without any medical examination.

Fully underwritten policies can now also be taken by quoting online from the agent’s site and submitting a request for the agent to contact the client to verify the information by phone. In cases that are large or require a medical examination, the agent completes the application. Online for the consumer and it submits directly to the carrier with little more than phone advice. Depending on the carrier, the newly secured client will receive an application for e-signature via email and a simple schedule of home medical examinations by phone.

Newly married couples and new families

Best suited for new families or family beginners. Instant Issue Term Life Insurance can be considered as a quick solution to your life insurance needs. This process allows you to get approved for Term Life Insurance within minutes of completing the application. Allowing you to compare, purchase, purchase and approve in a single day.

Remember, the purpose of life insurance coverage is to protect you and your loved ones in the event of an unfortunate event that you die. Ask yourself if you or your spouse and children can survive financially or if you have lost a spouse and there is an unexpected income and can live at the same comfortable level? Term life insurance is an affordable way to cover your needs at any stage of life and gives. You have the added benefit of choosing your coverage amount and length of the term.

As you can see there is a wide scope of alternatives accessible to you. These days you can run online quotes directly from the internet or agents can pick up your application by phone. However, what kind of policy is right for you depends on many factors, and your insurance advisor can help you decide which policies are most beneficial for your situation. Your best option is to buy directly from the agent’s site and buy from there if you have questions that the agent or agency will give you full support and direction. Most agents represent many carriers and will give you non-partisan recommendations based on your needs and budget.