Smokers and life insurance, what you know can save you dough!

Smokers and life insurance, what you know can save you dough!

An interesting fact is that some insurance carriers differentiate between cigarette smokers and you tobacco products such as pipes, cigars, chewing tobacco, nicotine gum, and nicotine patches as many of these users still qualify for non-tobacco rates with some select carriers. Is. Otherwise medically qualified. Usually, the occasional celebrated cigar user 1-2 per month still qualifies for the preferred rates. Tobacco use has always been a risk factor in life insurance. However, based on current data, true occasional cigar smokers have shown less if any true high mortality.

Are you blowing smoke?

Usually, when you apply for life insurance, the agent or applicant will ask about your smoking habits and ask you if you have smoked in the previous 12-72 months. You will usually be asked if you have used tobacco products during this period, including cigarettes, cigars, dipping, sniffing, and chewing tobacco. If you enjoy a good cigar from time to time or smoke only two cigarettes a year, you are a smoker according to insurance standards. Even if traces of nicotine do not appear in your required urine test. How should occasional smokers answer that question? You should most likely leave your heart alone your aide. The application you sign becomes part of your policy which is a legal agreement between you and the insurance company.

How do I determine if I qualify for a non-smoking rate?

Most companies will require you to have a negative test for nicotine in order to qualify for a non-smoking rate. While in others, a positive test for nicotine is acceptable. If you smoke and are worried about paying a premium for your life insurance. You need to do a little comparison-purchase to get the best price for your life insurance policy. Many agencies now provide these tools for comparing rates online. Where hundreds of insurance companies will offer free life insurance quotes for smokers. You should demand cites from various organizations, then, at that point contrast what each has with an offer.

When you compare each company’s quotes, there are three things to keep in mind: rates, manufacturing features, and insurance industry ratings. The rates are self-explanatory and the manufacturing facilities refer only to the policy. The insurance industry rating refers to the insurance company that provides the life insurance quote. And a review of the companies can be found by visiting the AM BEST website. Also, there are insurance companies that cater specifically to high-risk individuals. You should consult an agent to ensure a lower rate for you in your insurance policy.

Online insurance quote

We saw both non-smoker and non-smoker rates from the insurance online insurance quote service for a 20-year insurance policy of $ 150,000 for a 44-year-old man in Florida. The favorite-plus person (healthy smoker for 5 years or more) will pay $ 22 to $ 44 per month. While the standard smoker who has smoked in the last 12 months (who is healthy despite smoking) will pay $ 79.00 and 4 244. Charged in between.

As you can see, shopping online with an insurance quote engine may be a must. If you are unsure you should consult a knowledgeable agent to ensure proper coverage for your budget. In addition to those who want to go it alone, there are immediate non-medical protections available that allow you to quote. Apply or pay online for immediate coverage. Healthy tobacco users can also benefit from such an option as in most cases they may be charged more for fully underwritten products.